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Hello Ottawa (and greater area)!

My name is Greg Probe. Photography has been a huge part of my life since I purchased my first camera in 2006. After five years of learning, practicing, having a lot of fun and subsequently buying a lot more equipment, I decided it was time to take this fun hobby of mine to the next step. So in 2011, I started GP Photography in Regina, SK. I have covered a wide range of events from weddings, engagements, family, sportis, concerts and pet photography.

In early 2014 an opportunity presented itself for my spouse and I to move from the Canadian Prairies to the National Capital Region of our great country, and in May of 2014 we officially became Ottawa city residents!

If you are looking for a photographer for any of the aforementioned events please feel free to contact me with any inquiries. If I have not mentioned the event you have in mind, please contact me anyway. I am always excited to expand my abilities as a photographer into new areas.

Contact Information:

Email: greg.probe@gp-photography.ca

Phone: (613) 581-0284

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gpfotography

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